The Bowen Food Co began making delicious Tomato Products in 1999.

Since then, their exquisite, preservative free, all-Australia Semi Dried products, have been copied throughout Australia and across the globe. However, nobody has come close to replicating the quality, taste and flavour of the beautiful Bowen Tomato.

Our gentle drying process allows the tomatoes to retain their natural colour, flavour and texture. The end result is a true delicacy with the flavour intensity of dried tomatoes and the juciness of fresh tomatoes.

Semi-dried Tomatoes

A reputation for service

We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and the ability to meet the needs of our customers. A range of packaging options are available, including food grade plastic bags or trays. The Bowen Food Co will source alternative packaging should a customer have the need. We are happy to work with our customers to best meet their requirements.

Semi-dried Tomatoes

Safe food, safe families

The Bowen Food Co follows strict workplace quality, hygiene, health and safety regimes, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our workplace and the products that we produce.

The Bowen Food Co is accredited with HACCP and SQF 2000 Level 3, both internationally recognised food quality and safety standards.

Semi-dried Tomatoes

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The Bowen Food Co Pty Ltd
Lot 8 Don Street
Bowen, Qld 4805, Australia

Picked in their prime, to capture the flavour

Our products

Our delicious Semi Dried Tomatoes are marinated in canola oil, garlic, herbs and salt. We can also provide them without marinade, plain if required.

A sample of our product range is listed.

Traditional marinated SDT wedges

Wedged semi-dried tomatoes infused with canola oil, mixed with a variety of herbs, spices, garlic and salt, vacuum sealed in various sized plastic pouches or plastic pails and chilled at 4°C or below.

Traditional marinated Semi Dried Tomatoes